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Working Smart and Working Consciously at Singtel - Shruthi Iyer

Published 14 Jan 2021 by Ramya Ramesh

Awareness. Compassion. Responsibility: the three main ideas that drive a conscious organisation and qualities that Singtel constantly strives towards.

Shruthi Iyer, a Management Associate (MA) in the Management Associate Programme (MAP) 2019 cohort, is inspired by organisations working towards conscious reforms. When asked about her most memorable moment at Singtel, she explains,

‘’My most memorable moment so far has definitely been the Singtel Carnival in 2019. We got the chance to set up a Group Information Technology (GIT) stall and interact with many kids!’’

“I love that we’re able to do our bit for society through the various initiatives that Singtel runs. Events like the Singtel Carnival, or the Powering Seniors to go Digital initiative make me proud to say that I work in a conscious organization.’’

Shruthi Iyer is currently a specialist MA in the Consumer Group; she works as a Data Scientist with the Predictive Analytics team. Her days are propelled by the business requirements that come through.

Typically, a day in her #SingtelLife involves analysing prediction models, brainstorming visualisations on the vast wealth of data in order to derive meaningful insights for the business and working on machine learning pipeline. She also works on meaningful external partnerships that Singtel has, to leverage on the ample wealth of data in Telcom industry. Not forgetting the fact that she also constantly checks in with her teammates to ensure that she is on track for her projects!

What attracted her to kick start her journey at MAP was the self-driven and challenging structure. She enjoyed the application process as it tested not just one’s academic abilities, but also their creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills - all of which are more important than the grades on a transcript.

“As an MA, I get to explore the various roles available at Singtel, be exposed to the learning and development opportunities Singtel provides us with, and build a really strong community of fellow MAs who are with me on this journey!’’ she excitedly shares.

Her journey towards conscious living

Shruthi’s journey of being involved with conscious organisations is truly inspiring.

During her time at the United Arab Emirates (UAE), she was a packaging volunteer. During summer, thousands of volunteers come together from all around Dubai to put together care packages for the unsung workers in construction and related businesses. Workers in these sectors are typically involved in strenuous, difficult and tiring work but their efforts often go unnoticed by others. Shruthi led the volunteers in packing the items. Her volunteer stint taught her many things about giving back to the community and that she is passionate about helping others.

In addition, Shruthi also volunteered at the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), which aims to protect the environment through education, outreach and community involvement. She has always been an active donor of recyclables and had previously volunteered at the group’s events to raise awareness about its cause.

It’s unsurprising that at Singtel, she was likewise enthusiastic about her involvement at the Singtel Carnival - a day that brings together 1600 students from 14 special education schools. Furthermore, this event is Singapore’s largest event dedicated to children with special needs, put together by Singtel staff volunteers.

“The Singtel Carnival is a heartwarming event. It reflects the company’s attributes such as awareness, compassion, and selflessness - all of which I admire,’’ Shruthi shares.

Below, we dive deeper into Shruthi’s key #SingtelLife moments that she has learnt a lot from:

Q: Has there been any person who has been an indispensable part of your Singtel journey thus far?

A: There are so many people who’ve been part of this amazing journey so far. My managers, colleagues I work with closely, the talent management team from HR that manages the MAP – all of them have played a significant role in helping me grow!

I would like to give a special shout out to my mentor/buddy from last year – Vatsala from DPM in

Group IT. As a senior MA herself, she was able to understand the kind of guidance I needed as a fresh graduate in the workplace. Thank you Vatsala for going out of your way to mentor me! You’re a superstar.

Q: What is one valuable skill that you have cultivated during your journey as an MA?

A: I think one of the most valuable skills I’ve picked up at work (although I’m still perfecting it) is finding the balance between having your voice heard while still being respectful and collaborative – something that’s applicable in all social settings!

For example, whether it’s developing a deep understanding of the project and how it delivers value to our stakeholders or customers, being forthcoming about possible contributions, or not hesitating to ask for clarifications when I need them, I try my best to practice this every day!

Q: Let’s say you have $10000 to contribute to a cause that you strongly believe in. What would it be?

A: Definitely educating the under-privileged. I know the exposure I had in school and university is one of the major reasons I was able to move and start a career in a different country. I think every child should have that exposure to learn more about the world and feel empowered to change their life.

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