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Pushing Boundaries Through Technology – Lee Yen Ter

Published 25 Apr 2019 by Brightsparks

Lee Yen Ter shares how the Singtel Undergraduate Scholarship helped realise his aspirations in the communications technology sector.

What led you to apply for a scholarship with Singtel?

A problem solver by nature, I have been interested in technology ever since I was a child. I am thrilled by how technology presents solutions and enhances daily living, and have always aspired to be part of an innovative organisation and impact people’s lives meaningfully. The opportunity for me to further my interest in technology presented itself in the form of the Singtel Hi-Performing Internship Experience (SHINE) programme.

During this programme, I joined Singtel’s Cybersecurity Research & Development team. It was tough at first as I did not have prior experience in the cybersecurity sector and had to learn on my feet in order to perform my roles. Thankfully, I had a supportive team and a mentor who provided me with sound guidance, and always make sure that the team had a clear direction.

This programme exposed me to the various competencies that Singtel is developing to ensure that it remains future ready. After completing SHINE, my mentor recommended that I apply for the UGS, to further my interests. After giving it some thought, I went ahead with the application and now, I am a Singtel scholar who is soon to be embarking on a fascinating technology career.

“Singtel has advanced as a global communications technology company involved in many new initiatives and developments, and has the agility and resources to develop new technology areas.”

Tell us about your scholarship journey with Singtel thus far - what opportunities have you received?

As a Singtel Scholar, I was encouraged to complete an internship as part of the programme. The internship experience allowed me to further my interest and passion for technology and allowed me learn more about Singtel’s business in greater detail.

Apart from developing technological skills, the internship allowed me to attend corporate events. During which, I had opportunities to rub shoulders with the senior leaders of Singtel, and ask them questions that gave me many insights to the business and technology.

For now, I am looking forward to join the Management Associate Programme (MAP) after graduating. This programme will provide me with a head start in my career, with job rotations in different business areas, international assignments and special projects. 

What is it about the communications technology sector and Singtel that intrigues you?

The ever-evolving communications technology sector has always captivated my interest. As traditional communication platforms face increasing challenges due to the weakening of their demand, it is interesting to see how communication technology companies like Singtel introduce new technologies to replace them.

Singtel is involved in many new initiatives and developments, and has the agility and resources to develop new technology areas. It has already advanced as a global communications technology company which provides a wide range of essential digital services such cloud, cybersecurity and smart city applications. On top of that, Singtel also has a presence across 27 countries! I feel that the company offers ample opportunities and challenges in diverse growth areas and chances for technology buffs to build their strong expertise in their preferred fields.

How do you aspire to contribute to Singtel after graduation?

As a Business Analytics student, I hope to put my skills to use in areas such as marketing, cybersecurity, and management - where strong analytical and problem-solving skills are required. I hope to build a strong foundation in my technical knowledge, as it will help me manage projects efficiently. In a longer-term, I aspire to gather the experience to be able to lead a team that will deliver effective products that will help bring Singtel to the forefront of the industry.

Any words of advice for those exploring their scholarship options?

While the monetary benefits of a scholarship are important, do consider a sponsoring organisation that is a good fit for you. Align your skills, strengths, weaknesses, passion and values with an organisation that sings the same tune.

I would recommend researching the organisation or going through an internship to have a better idea of the organisation’s businesses, values and direction ahead. This is an open opportunity for you to learn from an organisation that you like, and make meaningful use of your time for self-development. Enjoy the application process, be open minded and start early!

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