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Meet our SIT Apprentices!

Published 11 Jan 2021 by Calvin Nisban

Pioneering innovation and unlocking the digital possibilities of tomorrow is an arduous but fruitful journey we hope to share with our young and aspiring talents.

Singtel Apprenticeship Programme

We have teamed up with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) to groom young talents in infocomm technology (ICT) and cyber security in order to prepare them for the workforce of the future.

Under the Singtel Apprentice Programme, we aim to equip our Apprentices with real-world experience, enhance their technical expertise, and hone their communication skills through structured internships that form part of their degree programme.

Our Apprentices get to select between the Software Engineer and Cyber Security track.

Software Engineering (SE) Track

As a SE Apprentice, we encourage them to get innovative using technology to engineer end-to-end ICT solutions.

Cyber Security (CS) Track

CS Apprentices get to deep dive into cyber security and delve into diverse areas such as Management Security Services & Operations, Technology Services, Research and Development, and Operation Technology.

SIT Apprentices

In the final part of our three-part series, we will be introducing you to our 2 SIT Apprentices as we learn more about their dreams and what they look forward to the most here at Singtel!

First up, meet Kareem Mohamed Ashiq. Ashiq is currently an Information Security student from SIT. 

When asked what his dream was, he immediately responded with ‘to be able to travel the world’. Ashiq shared with us that the pandemic upon us, made him realize the privilege of traveling and also how this privilege can disappear in the blink of an eye. When asked what he looked forward to the most when traveling, he simply answered with two things: 1) culture and history and 2) food!

In the meantime, with traveling on pause, Ashiq hopes to be able to learn and hone his skills from various departments at Singtel and to be able to contribute effectively to them during his time with us as an Apprentice. We hope that Ashiq has an enlightening journey with us and hope that his dream of traveling the world comes sooner than later considering the global situation.

Next up, meet Phua Kia Kai. Kia Kai is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Science with Honours in Computing Science at SIT. A crazy fact about Kia Kai is that he previously sustained an injury during national service, and as a result, a meal rod has to be placed inside his arm. I suppose he is what you call a real-life Iron Man!

Kia Kai’s dream is to one day be able to improve the lives of people using technology. For example, to be able to create a program that helps people maintain their homes. To Kia Kai, he has always been a huge admirer for innovating technologies. With the growing interest and curiosity for artificial intelligence (AI), Kia Kai is looking forward to seeing how the future will be and can be shaped with the growth of such a form of technology.

Kia Kai looks forward to being able to equip himself with relevant industry experience and knowledge and to be able to use those experiences and knowledge in the future to help him achieve his dreams of making people’s lives better using technology. With such an ambitious dream, we can only hope that Kia Kai has a fruitful experience as an Apprentice with us as he soaks up all the necessary and relevant skills and knowledge to better prepare him for the digital future of tomorrow and take another step closer to achieving his dreams!

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