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Where I made my first Career Milestone - Natasha Murali

Published 19 Aug 2020 by Ramya Ramesh

Have you wondered how this recent pandemic will affect your career and work life? Singtel’s Management Associate Programme (MAP) 2021 promises you a vibrant and enriching experience, whether you’re based at home or office. Natasha Murali, our fellow Management Associate, shares with us her honest outlook about the remote working lifestyle and about her journey at Singtel.

The idea of ‘’me time’’ may be a nightmare for extroverts, but Natasha has found her way in the inescapable work-from-home period. Before she starts a day of work, she experiments with coffee-making using the ideal amounts of aromatic coffee beans, milk and sugar. She then does daily HIIT workouts with her friends via zoom to work up a good sweat. During her breaks, she scrolls through TikTok, after learning about it in GOMO’s campaign.

As someone who felt a strong connection with the brand long before she joined Singtel, Natasha Murali made a bold decision to by joining our 2019 Management Associate Programme (MAP).

What drew her the most about MAP was the diverse breadth of opportunities. Without having to fix a role upon graduation, Singtel’s programme promised the unique opportunity of having the chance to explore a wide range of roles and functions and ultimately find out where her passion lies. 

‘’I’m sure some of you can relate - as a fresh graduate, more than often we are unsure of what exactly is the right career path ahead of us, ‘’ she expresses. ‘’We can’t expect to trickle back to normality anytime soon but that’s what makes MAP special - it provides graduates with the opportunity to grow even in testing times like these’’.

Speaking the same language as millennials

Natasha highlights her fulfilling accomplishments over at GOMO, as part of her personal milestones.

As part of the Postpaid Mobile Product Marketing Team, she was able to immerse herself in the core business of the company. Through this, she engaged in exciting campaigns - some with like-minded and millennial centric partners. The launch of Cold SIM functionality (‘’inactivated’’ SIM cards for users to activate themselves) for GOMO allowed the team to look at roadshows and on-ground activation as a new sales channel! 

‘’Being a Millennial brand, GOMO rolls out engagement initiatives to reach out to our base and reward them for being a part of the brand. I felt so proud of the team when I came across positive feedback on our engagement initiatives and saw a growing number of brand advocates throughout the year.’’

She plays up that one of the best parts of her job is receiving positive feedback from customers.

‘’I feel most proud and satisfied when I know that the campaigns and features we’re rolling out truly resonate with the customer because that means we’re doing our job right!’’ she exclaims.

She finds herself lucky to have been part of GOMO, Singtel’s All Digital Mobile Plan for Millennials. When asked about her favourite GOMO character, Natasha said she was a mix of Showmo and Globo. Showmo because she loves taking pictures and creating memories, Globo because she loves travelling to new places and experiencing new cultures!

A Day In The Life of a Product Marketer

Hardworking. Lively. Reliable. The trio that is Natasha’s forte.

As a Product Marketer in Singtel, a typical day for Natasha consists of plenty of collaboration! It involves working with a wide range of cross-functional teams like Marketing Communications, Sales, Design Experience and Analytics daily to ensure that the product continues to resonate with customers.

‘’Ultimately, the day-to-day job consists of connecting the dots between different teams and ensuring that a product with strong value is delivered at the end of the day. Of course, with so much going on, a typical day also consists of a lot of listing of deliverables and keeping track of deadlines!’’ she shares.

Not forgetting her team who are extremely passionate and agile; their sense of ownership and genuine love for the brand was something that inspired her deeply.

‘’Everyone is full of new and innovative ideas and work hard and smart to make sure that they materialise.’’

‘’This, coupled with the knowledge and experience of senior leaders, enables the team to ensure that the product remains competitive in the millennial landscape it plays in.’’

Life of the Party

Outside work, give Natasha just five minutes to corral her friends.

Natasha loves social situations and collaborating with others. She loves indulging in short and witty TikTok videos and sharing them with her friends. Her outgoing nature is infectious and glues her team together.

She recalls one of her indelible #SingtelLife moments, ‘’We did this Bubble Tea Campaign for GOMO where we had to taste test interesting flavours like wasabi and mala pearls!’’.

Success is a journey

The greatest lessons that Natasha learned during her first rotation were from the people she met along the way.

She strives to build relationships and learn from peers and leaders.

She also recollects stepping out of her comfort zone in her first year.

‘’I want to always remember to challenge myself and wholeheartedly confront learning gaps I face along the way.‘’

Working from home or not, MAP will help you uncover your truest potential. Discover and champion bold, new ideas with the scope to explore your passions and interests. Apply here for MAP 2021.

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