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“Learning is at the heart of what we do” – Lee Yen Ter  

Published 02 Nov 2021 by Soon Ping Huay and Dex Leow

“Approachable”, “easy-going” and “dependable” are the adjectives that Yen Ter’s friends and colleagues will use to describe him.

This impression further solidifies when you interact with him. However, behind the friendly appearance lies a highly inquisitive mind. Possessing an inherent curiosity about his surroundings, Yen Ter loves exploring new domains and learning new things. Whether it is engaging in cross-team collaboration or incorporating the latest technology into a business solution, he sees them as learning opportunities to learn and grow.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Analytics in 2019, Yen Ter joined Singtel as a Management Associate (MA) as part of the Singtel Management Associate Programme (MAP). He successfully completed the programme and is now a Senior Data Scientist in DataSpark.

As a Specialist Management Associate, Yen Ter had the opportunity to explore and immerse in different field of technology. The two-year Management Associate programme features two rotations where Yen Ter was able to take on a role in a specialised area and apply his technical expertise.

First Rotation – Network Analytics Enablement x Radio Networks Engineering

Yen Ter’s first venture was as a Data Engineer in the Network Analytics team.

He collaborated with the Radio Networks Engineering Team and helped build a machine learning model that prioritised for upgrading, by predicting which will have high usage in the future. By pre-emptively upgrading the towers before users start experiencing slower speeds, the user experience of the system is improved.

However, it isn’t as “easy” as it seems (he finds it “relatively easy” to build a Machine Learning Model).

Constant dialogues were held with the Radio Network Engineering team to help him understand the use cases of the different cell towers. The clear communication helped Yen Ter and his team gain a firm of the domain (such as what the different data points meant, what constraints were there, etc.). All of these ensured that the machine learning model was accurate and served its purpose, rather than simply “spitting out the numbers”.

This collaborative culture allowed Yen Ter to gain exposure beyond his scope of work and understand how his role adds up in the grand scheme of things.

Second Rotation - A Software Developer with an Impact

Yen Ter

Yen Ter’s second rotation saw him taking on the position of a Software Developer, where he works with leading technology such as 5G capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT).

His work basically streamlined access provisioning to secured premises by improving security through implementing security features such as facial recognition. It also made it easier for the company to manage access, allowing the user access to be easily approved and revoked digitally as compared to changing physical locks and keys.

Singtel - A Culture of Learning

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbow. The world of technology is ever-evolving, and keeping on top of emerging technology can be a challenge for many.

“Coming into my current team, I felt quite out of my depth in terms of both the domain knowledge and technical skills required”

Never one to back down from a challenge, Yen Ter saw it as an opportunity to learn. He was proactive in reaching out and engaging in self-directed learning by utilizing the online learning experience platform. In particular, he found #Curious – Singtel Internal Learning platform - to be really helpful for getting him up to speed.

“There are many learning opportunities in Singtel, both through formal channels such as #Curious, technical courses and workshops, and informal channels such as approachable colleagues who always take the time to explain things to me and are available when I need help.”

One thing Yen Ter was grateful for is the strong emphasis on learning in Singtel culture. For example, he was able to embark on company-sponsored Azure courses, which allowed him to be more confident in utilizing the Azure platform effectively.

Yen Ter

Learning - Guidance from Managers/Colleagues

Beyond the technical courses and workshop, there was also strong relationship-based learning. When asked to share on a specific incident, Yen Ter mentioned his first supervisor, Ng Ping from Network Analytics Enablement.

“He was integral in getting me up and running as quickly as I did and was also instrumental in ensuring that I had a good environment for learning and growth, while ensuring my contributions were recognised as well.”

Given his passion for learning, it was no surprise Yen Ter found the Singtel Management Associate Programme a perfect fit!

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