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Applying the Ironman Mindset to Excel at Work

Published 25 Apr 2019 by Lynn Loi

"Just like excelling at work requires clarity, focus, planning and most importantly the will to execute, honing the ‘can-do’ attitude matters, especially when you need to juggle between work, family, friends, church and training for Ironman race,” says Chong Mien, Head of Communications, Media and Entertainment at NCS.

For Chong Mien, having stamina and energy is the name of the game. Not only does he relish a challenging role running an emerging business to set up new commercial entities and expand NCSI’s business portfolio in the South Asia region, he has also managed the incredible feat of completing 16 Ironman races in 9 years!

“I am fortunate that my wife is amazingly supportive and I have an excellent crew of coach and friends. They encourage me to keep going despite setbacks and injuries, and to achieve my goal of competing in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii – truly a team effort.

As we advance in age, it cannot be understated how important health is to keep an active mind and a positive outlook. For me it’s not about just competing in races but being an advocate of an active sporting lifestyle to encourage others that it’s possible to find the time and energy to train, race and cross the finishing line as long as you have the right attitude and conviction – ‘Anything is Possible’ ”

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