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[Ad]venture into the Digital Space – Ainizah Binte Sapari

Published 19 Feb 2020 by FT

Aniszah joined Singtel in 2014 as a Management Associate where she completed two rotations across Singtel Group. Her experience in managing digital marketing and go-to-market launches have paved the way to her current position as the Growth and Engagement Lead for Singtel StepUp. We had a chat with her to find out more about the exciting moments in the digital space with Singtel.

Q. How did your Singtel journey begin?

A. I started my journey with Singtel as a scholar in 2010. I've always enjoyed watching MasterChef Junior and how these young 8 – 13-year-olds knew precisely what they wanted to do at such a young age. For me, I wanted to be part of an organisation that opens opportunities for me to explore different things. Subsequently, I joined the Management Associate Programme (MAP) as a Digital Marketing Manager. I am incredibly proud and humbled to see how much I've grown.

Q. Could you share with us your experience as a Management Associate (MA) in Singtel?

A. Back then, digital marketing was a small part of my school curriculum. I was fresh out of university and knew little about SEM campaigns. It was a steep learning curve, but my director gave me the autonomy to make decisions and run campaigns independently. Within six months, I was confidently launching and managing SEM campaigns for Singtel's e-shop as well as handset launches. It gave me my first taste of digital marketing and kickstarted my passion in this space.

It also eased my transition into my next role as a Go-To-Market (GTM) Manager at Optus, where I planned the end-to-end GTM for the launch of the mobile insurance product. That was my exposure to product management and one where I got involved all the way from the creative and branding ideation stage to the product launch.

Thereafter, I was on a lookout for another opportunity within the digital space when I stumbled across a newly formed team named “Digital Experience & Design”. I joined the team and got involved in the redesign of My Singtel App and the digital transformation project called Spring Digital. Spring Digital is, to date, one of the largest digital transformation projects at Singtel. It streamlined all our digital customer touchpoints across web and mobile. This project was a major highlight in my career because it is a rare opportunity for Singtel to embark on a digital transformation of such a scale, and I was right smack in the middle, driving the change.

Q. Could you tell us more about your current role as Senior Growth & Engagement Lead, and how you aspire to contribute further in this role?

A. I have since been through six years, six roles, one international rotation and three business units. Currently, I'm in a business unit called Consumer Digital and am part of the team that launched Singtel StepUp on My Singtel app. StepUp is a wellness programme that rewards Singtel customers with free data and more with every step they take. The best part is it’s free for all Singtel postpaid mobile customers! The idea behind StepUp is to encourage people to walk small achievable steps to improve their wellbeing and get rewarded for it.

I am responsible for growing the StepUp user community and creating new ways and campaigns such as challenges, for our users to engage and interact with Singtel StepUp in their pursuit of wellness. Needless to say, I've found a role that I am passionate about, it's close to my "digital" heart and enables me to achieve my learning outcomes from a career perspective. It’s surreal that each of my past experiences has led me ultimately to my current role today. Combining delightful user experience with a focus on digital engagement and changing our conversations with our customer, one step at a time (pun intended).

Q. What’s your team culture like?

A. Young and driven! Everyone is energetic and full of new and creative ideas. At the same time, we’re also incredibly fortunate to be able to tap on the wisdom of the more experienced mentors within the organisation. They provide advice and share their knowledge with us, as we work together towards creating a new way of engagement in our industry.

Q. Any advice for someone interested in a role similar to yours?

A. Stretch yourself as much as you can in the first few years of your career and identify your learning gaps.

  1. You're bound to have ups and downs, lefts and rights in your career, and that's normal. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward. It is important to start early and make as many mistakes that will eventually mould you and make your skin thicker to weather any setbacks.
  1. Singtel is a huge company, and there are so many opportunities for you to seek out. Search out mentors who are supportive of your opportunities and drive you towards it. Look for the unpolished diamonds, make it your own, or even better, make it your passion.

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