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On a MAP Adventure - Valerie Phang

Published 09 Sep 2020 by RAMYA RAMESH

Does being part of an adventure cross your mind? If yes, Singtel Management Associate Programme has a place for you.

To Valerie Phang (also known to many as Val), adventure is an attitude. She doesn’t need a large cup of coffee, a one-way ticket or her sleek airport stilettos. She finds fun in her exciting and dynamic roles and playing with her two adorable pomeranian puppies.

Val is part of our Management Associate Program where she had 2 rotations in Group Enterprise and Group Consumer. In Group Enterprise, she came face to face with many potential clients and took up new engaging and challenging projects, like working on new cyber technologies (starting from scratch!). After this rotation, her eyes traversed down a different path in Group Consumer where every day is a thunderbolt because of invigorating and dynamic movements that keeps her adrenaline pumping high.

As a spirited and driven individual who looks forward to a life of possibilities, Valerie shares more about her role and her takeaways from being part of the Singtel’s MAP.

Q: What is Your Most Distinguished Achievement in Singtel Thus Far?

A: Working on GOMO! We embarked on a whole new experience; we launched a Halloween-themed Wasabi Bubble Tea with Playmade and co-created Love Me Mo Blue Pea Vanilla Valentine's Day ice cream with Udders. We set in motion GOMO's Roam Like A Local plan, bringing an amazing 100GB of data at only $14 to Thailand for Singaporean travellers. We also launched GOMO Pass - GOMO's very own rewards program that gives GOMO customers exclusive experiences and rewards! While all of the above was happening, I assisted in creating GOMO’s very own social channels to spread the word about the brand and what it stands for.

Recently, we initiated GOMO Helpful Meals, an initiative to support F&B businesses during COVID-19 times. GOMO teamed up with Belanja Eat & Timbre Group to bring more than 6,000 free meals to those who need them while providing free advertising and listings to F&B outlets. This was a meaningful experience as it showed me first-hand how corporations can really be responsible socially & how much impact a brand can drive.

Q: What's Your Key Takeaway from the Programme?

A: The opportunity to work in 2 different groups within the Singtel Group. Both are very different! It helps me appreciate the different working cultures & learn how to be flexible and agile to adapt to either.

For example, in Group Enterprise, I collaborated with clients and organisations to pitch the proposals (B2B) and dealt with higher quantum contracts! As a marketer for the Consumer group, I market a more affordable product to every man on the street for their daily use. I also see plans and strategies come to life in a quick moment and learn to respond to them. The challenges and thinking in both roles are very different, and I’m glad to have had that exposure when I just started out my career.

Q: Any Tip or Advice to Soon-To-Graduate Students?

A: Always dare to try. For the first year, feel free to explore! Expect challenges and be open to learning diverse things before 'settling down' into your next role and the years that come after.

To sum up, just say ‘yes’ to adventure! You won’t regret it!

If you are an adventurous individual like Val and would like to work on exciting projects to keep your spirits high, the Management Associate Programme will suit you well. Apply here to mark your first step to your MAP journey.

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